Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Are we bear yet?

Don't try to understand the title of this entry... It'll be difficult to explain and as I haven't got much time, I can't really tell you.

Yesterday we had the first day at the university campus. It was raining (again) so we took the bus. Sarah showed us around a little and I must say that it's a big and fairly modern campus.
Jesse Lutabingwa

Then we had a session on student centered learning and then the lunch break. The next session was on ethnography. Dr. McGarry is just amazing - we were talking about different stereotypes. For example that all Argentinians know how to tango, nobody in the U.S. knows where Estonia is and so on. It was really fun. He's exactly the crazy professor type :D

Right now I'm at Crossroads Cafe at the campus.  We've got half an hour and then there's gonna be another session with Dr. McGarry on pop culture, movies and music. I had a late and one mint chocolate, I'm not hungry at all but I know I should eat something. I guess I'm still having the so-called honeymoon period as everything here is just so great and exciting that I don't even have time to eat properly. The weather today is just wonderful - sunny and really hot, like 25 degrees or so.

At the end of October we're going to have our internships in different schools in the area. Yesterday we had the Welcome Reception at the university and I met my partner teacher from Ashe High - Ethel. She is really nice - very friendly and energetic. She promised to take me to her place and show me everything in Ashe County. This is definitely going to be really interesting as the school is in a rural area.
Yesterday in the evening we did the laundry. It took us more than two hours to get our clothes clean and dry. So we had another cultural evening at the hotel lobby. Ethel gave me a box of cheese as a present but we haven't got a fridge in our room so we had to eat it. Thus, it was a culture and cheese night. Again we learned a lot about Guatemala and Poland and laughed our heads off.
Pablo and me

Today we had a session on active learning and we did scavenger hunt. We had to work in pairs and wonder around the campus to find out more about Appalachian State University. I went with Jaime from Guatemala.

There are so many things I'd like to write about but I haven't got enough time. So, I'll just add a couple of photos to the entry and that's it for today.

Let me know how you're doing :)


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  2. Re no-one knows where Estonia is...
    We asked the way from an American guy yesterday and after learning that we were from Estonia, he said: Kuidas laheb :)
    Logan, UT