Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Washington D.C.

Haven't slept for 24 hours but can't fall asleep before I've let you know that I've arrived in Washington D.C. This has been a really long day. The flight to Munich was interesting as I happened to sit next to two Estonian guys who had travelled around the world at least three times. They had millions of stories to tell me.

The flight from Munich to Washington lasted for 9 hours and was pretty tough. We were watching movies to kill time. I was so bored that I had to watch Alien 2 and the newest Pirates of the Carribean.

Washington is nice - it's warm (21 degrees) and sunny. We were warmly welcomed and taken to the hotel that's going to be our home for three days. I'm sharing a room with a lady from Bulgaria. After a dinner and a short walk the bed feels extra warm and soft so the first blog entry is going to be quite short. I'll just add a couple of photos and try get some sleep.

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