Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nothing happens on the 7th day

It's my 7th day here in Boone. The sessions are over for today but at 6 there's going to be a meeting with a group of teachers-to-be. So we're sitting in the library and waiting. Tea took a quick look at the DVD collection and is now watching some Russian cartoons. I was really surprised that they have something like that here.

Day by day the leaves get more and more colorful. If you look closely enough you'll notice a hammock hanging on the tree and there's a girl reading a book in the hammock (I didn't actually see what she was doing there :D)

Yesterday I was really tired so I slept for an hour after we got back from the university. In the evening I helped my roommate do her ICT homework and Tea gave Pablo an Estonian lesson. He's a really quick learner, we were really amazed.

Today we had a session on assessment in the morning. I liked the lecturer a lot. He talked about master learning and used a lot of idioms to illustrate his talk. Then we had lunch and had a session on poetry and creative writing. Again, the tutor was great. We'll have to write a poem about our origins for next week. I might post parts of it it when I get it finished.

In one of the buildings we have had the sessions there are flags from all over the world and we managed to find our blue, black and white one too :)

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  1. I absolutely agree about what you've said about assessment and poetry lessons but I have to correct you on one thing: It was a media documentary that I was watching not Russian cartoons, these I only showed to you as I know them by heart anyway!