Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The honeymoon period is over

Appalachian State University campus

I'm at our ICT class right now, trying to check my emails, write a new blog entry and keep up with the activities we're doing here at the moment. John, our tutor wouldn't be happy if he knew that. But he just paid me a compliment saying that I'm one of the advanced fellows here when it comes to ICT :)

I'm terribly tired as we had another culture evening last night. The main topic was the best stand-up comedians in the world so we were watching videos on YouTube till the early morning. That's probably why I feel that the honeymoon period is over now. Maybe it'll continue if I've had a couple of hours of sleep. We'll see about that.

We had three sessions on teaching today. I liked the one on digital storytelling the most. We're going to create videos and tell stories next week. I'm really looking forward to that as it involves being creative.

I also got an email from Ethel - my partner teacher. She invited me to spend a night in her home next Monday. She's so nice :)

Fall in Boone

We're also planning a trip to New York as we have 4 free days in  October. We need to buy the plane tickets as soon as possible. Going to NY is actually a bit frightening but I would really like to see the city, the monuments and the skyscrapers. I also don't really like the fact that we will have to fly again but taking the bus would take 12 hours.

Orange juice that has a curious name :D I bought it yesterday after the sessions and we went to the library here on campus. I think we spent three hours there and the time passed really quickly. They had rocking chairs there and it was really nice.

Here's a nice song you might like. It's about North Carolina. Dr. McGarry played it to us in his class yesterday. He told us a lot about American pop culture, music and movies.

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