Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday night :)

It's a cold and windy night but we're sitting in the cozy hotel lobby. Hugo from Argentina just asked us if we drink cheese in Estonia so it's another hilarious culture night. Pablo and Tea are making yarn bracelets and I'm writing another blog entry. Got some photos from Tea, I will upload some a bit later.

Today was fun again - we had three different sessions. One on assessment, one on foreign language teaching and finally one on ICT. At 5 we had a debriefing session with Jesse and most of us were really happy with everything that is taking place here. The week has passed really quickly.

Got an email from Eva today. It was really sweet of her to let me know that they miss me in Estonia :)

Tomorrow is a free day. We might go shopping as the weather here has become really cold and we need some warm clothes. I think I also need to do the laundry.  We were given some homework for Monday, so I need to read a novel they gave us, finish the poem I mentioned yesterday and find some materials to use in classes next week. On Sunday we'll attempt to go to see the Grandfather Mountain. I hope the weather will be nicer than last weekend. By the way, they told us that we might even see snow soon. Hope that will not happen.

Yesterday we had a roundtable session with university students who are studying to become teachers. They were all so friendly and interested in finding out more about our country and school system. None of them really knew where Estonia is. Tea managed to make some of them think about moving to our country :) We had pizza for dinner and Jesse took us back to the hotel. Here are photos of the really friendly teachers-to-be and us.

Now they're talking about Guatemalan legends again. Margaret from Poland and Aida from Argentina just joined us. We were making plans for going to New Work in two weeks. It seems that we're going to take the bus as it's much cheaper than going by plane.

 Here are the machine pancakes we have for breakfast every morning. I don't really like them so much but I know I have to eat something so I eat.
Aida and me a week ago. We went to a nice place after we had arrived in Boone. I really can't believe it was already a week ago :(

And finally I'm going to upload a photo of us sitting here in the lobby right now. We just made an agreement that Friday nights are going to be crafts nights. Have a nice weekend everyone!

Ah, and one more idea. We're thinking about entering a worm festival next week, so tomorrow we'll go and find some caterpillars and start training them :D

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