Thursday, November 3, 2011

Back in Boone... happy, happy, happy

Hey! I'm back in Boone and feeling happy, happy, happy :) We're sitting in the lobby again... laughing, enjoying our last days together. I'm going to miss other TEA fellows so much.

Yesterday was my last day at Ashe County High. During the planning period I helped to set up Ethel's new laptop. I introduced her to the benefits of using Skype so that she could talk  to her children. I spent the second period in a Spanish class to see another example of foreign language teaching. The teacher was Hildie Baker - she's from Puerto Rico and very friendly and nice. The students were again very interested in Estonia and our education system.

 Here's me and the Spanish class
 My partner teacher Ethel and me

I got back to Boone yesterday at 4.30 and it was soooo nice to see other TEA fellows again. We celebrated Hugo's birthday in the evening and had lots of fun. Unfortunately, we didn't get a photo where all the 22 TEA fellows were present. Here you can see 16 of us.
It was nice to have breakfast at Holiday Inn and go to school by bus. We spent the whole day presenting our micro teaching lessons and I did pretty well :)
As you can see, there aren't many leaves on the trees now :(

We got back from the university at 4.15 pm and rested for a while. Then we did some shopping at Walmart... and had dinner at Ruby Tuesday.

An object I used in my micro teaching lesson :)

It's 12.35 am already... time to go to bed. Tomorrow there's the final reflection session and shopping and farewell dinner :(

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