Friday, November 4, 2011

Farewell dinner

Here we are again... sitting in the lobby in front of the fireplace. Hugo is talking to his friend, Nazik is preparing lesson plans, Tea is making friends with her new Nook, Margaret is lost in the worldwide web, I'm writing my blog and Pablo is listening to Hugo's conversation.

Today we spent the morning at the university, giving feedback. Jesse was curious about our impressions and the things we have learned here. I get really sad when I think that this was our last day at ASU.

Our group today :)

In the afternoon we went to Boone Mall and I tried to do some shopping but it mostly turned out to be just window shopping.
At 6 pm we had a formal reception at ASU. Everybody looked very pretty :) I was really happy to see my host family there and Ethel too.

Tea and me with our ICT workshop tutor - John Spagnolo

Many people gave a speech. For example Jesse, the Dean of the university, John, Jaime's partner teacher and Tea. Her speech was just perfect - sad and funny at the same time. And it made me cry. I don't like farewells.
Here's me with the Dean and Jesse, holding on to my certificate, swallowing tears. These six weeks have passed just so quickly and I have met so many amazing people.

Here's our whole group: Maram (Jordan), Tatiana (Kyrgystan), Kristel (Estonia), Margaret (Poland), Jahan (Turkmenistan), Asyiat (Russia), Wafa (Jordan), Maya (Turkmenistan), Rinna (Cambodia), Tea (Estonia), Soythip (Thailand), Jazgul (Kyrgystan), Aida (Argentina), Angsana (Thailand), Zbignev (Poland), Nazik (Turkmenistan), Pablo (Guatemala), Jaime (Guatemala), Samnang (Cambodia), Hugo (Argentina), Socheat (Cambodia), Valentina (Russia)

Here's me with Gerry, Jeannie and Ethel. I'm so happy that they had decided to come.
 With Jesse

Tomorrow is free, so I'm going to sleep and pack all my things and weigh the luggage. We got scales from Jesse and many people were really happy when they discovered that they actually have some room in their suitcases so they can do some more shopping :) I wouldn't mind buying some more stuff :P

Have a nice weekend :)

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