Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The very last day

Here's me again, still in Washington... We're going to meet downstairs in 9 minutes but I wanted to upload a couple of photos before I go.
Yesterday we had a cultural evening and here's our Estonian group. We read a poem by Artur Alliksaar and danced the Gate Dance (Väravalugu) by Vägilased.
Almost everybody had prepared a short performance. Here's a dance that the guys from Rwanda started :)
 Here are the teachers from Thailand :)

After everybody had performed, the DJ started playing pop songs and the dancefloor was momentarily full of people. We had so much fun and for a while most of us were probably able to forget the fact that we'll have to part soon.
 Here's Margaret and me. I'm going to miss her so much. She has an amazing ability to understand people and she's been soooo supportive :)

Today in the morning we had the last session where we were told about different grants that TEA alumni can apply for. Then we had lunch in a fancy hotel very close to the White House. And in the afternoon we went sightseeing as we had a free evening.
Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial

OK, need to run now, others are waiting for me downstairs. I'll try to write tomorrow before we leave. It's definitely going to be a very very sad night...

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