Sunday, October 2, 2011

Superheroes fighting the cold

Sorry I didn't write yesterday. We had a free day and I think I didn't take any photos. Now I have so many that I'll have to choose which ones to upload and which ones not.
Anyway, first a few words about yesterday. I slept till 9.15 and missed breakfast. We had lots of homework to do but I needed to eat first so we went out to get something to eat. The weather was terrible! Windy and cold and  sleeting :( When we finally got to Wendy's, my jeans and jacket were wet. It's just amazing how quickly the weather changes here! I had a chicken sandwich, fries and a Cola - typical junk food, as you can see. Then we did some shopping - I wasn't in the right mood and saved a lot of money :D

In the afternoon we sat in the lobby and read. As the weather was really cold they turned on the fireplace. Here's a picture of the lobby.
I managed to work on my poem and read half of the novel we're supposed to read. There are some papers I should assess but I just don't feel like doing it.

Today we went to Grandfather Mountain and Linville Caverns. The weather was freezing but sunny. They had a zoo there and we saw
and bears :)

Then we took a small shuttle and went on top of the mountain (1,818 meters) and this was just crazy as it was so windy up there that we had trouble standing still and breathing properly. Everything was covered in frost so we couldn't walk to the famous "mile-high swinging bridge" :( But the view was just wonderful.
We had luch and took the bus to Linville Caverns. There we had a half hour guided tour inside the caverns. This was the second time this year when I had an opportunity to see stalactites, stalagmites. At the end of the tour our guide turned off all the lights and told us that if we had to spend days in the complete darkness, we'd eventually go blind and mad.
On our way back to Boone we saw the Blue Ridge Mountains and the view was just breathtaking. It's sad that I couldn't capture the mountains for you y the way I saw them.
Now we're sitting downstairs by the fireplace and I'm doing the laundry. We'll probably go out to have dinner later. Tomorrow there will be seminars again and I'm going to visit my partner teacher Ethel in the evening. That will be a good opportunity to see an American home and have a conversation with a native speaker :)

Hope you all had a nice weekend.

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