Wednesday, October 19, 2011

1,000 pageviews :)

I'm really happy as I just discovered that so far my blog has received exactly 1,000 pageviews :)

We're having an ICT workshop at the moment and most of the people are creating Google docs. I know how to do that, so I'm using this class for other things... like writing another blog entry.

I thought that I should write a bit about the food we are offered here as everyone keeps asking if I have gained lots of weight already. In the morning we have breakfast at the hotel - they have boiled eggs, yogurt, toast, pancakes, omelet, sausages, bacon, cinnamon buns and muffins. And juice, tea and coffee. You can see that the selection is quite good but since we've been here for almost four weeks, everybody is pretty tired of eating the same food every morning. Actually, I'm probably one of the few people who are not too fed up with the food there.

We have lunch at 12.30 pm and we usually have it in the Central Dining Hall.

Here's a picture of the place. I took the photo this morning and you can probably notice that it's not sunny anymore. The past few days were really sunny and hot but now it's colder and it's raining pretty heavily outside :( You can also see that the trees aren't very colorful now.
And here's a picture of one of the two huge dining halls they have in the Central Dining Hall (what a funny sentence). I have had different things for lunch. Sometimes I have this typical junk food they offer here - pizza or fries and a burger (awful, isn't it)
The lunch I had on Monday: a cheeseburger, Pepsi, banana and ice-cream.

Sometimes I try to find something a bit healthier - like pasta or chicken with vegetables.

The lunch I had today - a lasagna-like dish with carrots and peas, water and a really delicious cherry cheesecake. You can see that there's a banana there again but I actually didn't finish that. It's just that we usually take a banana from the hotel in the morning and sometimes I have it for lunch, sometimes I eat it in the evening.

In the evenings we either go out to have dinner in one of the places just across the street or get something from Walmart and eat in the lobby. For example, yesterday we made sandwiches.

All in all, I think I haven't gained any weight. But the food here is pretty different.

Here's a photo of me and my room mate Soythip from Thailand :)

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