Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ashe County

Greetings from Hampton Inn Hotel in West Jefferson in Ashe County :) I just had supper and since I'm feeling a bit lonely here I decided to write a blog entry and tell you about today.

We spent the whole day with our partner teachers at Plemmons Student Union. It was nice to see Ethel again. I also met Tea's partner teacher Lucas and Pablo's partner teacher Ron. To be honest, we were not too happy in the morning because me and Tea are the only TEA fellows who will have to spend the next eight days all alone in their internship school. Others left the hotel in groups and the ones who do their internship at Watauga High School didn't have to move at all.

Here's a picture I took last night while I was packing. I really liked my room (312) and my bed. When we go back to Holiday Inn next week, we probably won't be in the same room. I also found out yesterday that I have so many things that won't fit into my suitcase. I guess I should buy a bigger one.
Here's a photo of Estonia talking about their educational system.  Actually, Tea did all the talking, I was just embodying a typical Estonian and kept serious and silent :) It's just that she really likes to talk so I was happy to let her do it :P

We had lunch at the Central Dining Hall with Ethel and Tea and her partner teacher Lucas. Here are pictures we took at the lunch.

Tea's partner teacher Lucas and me 

Tea and my partner teacher Ethel
After lunch we were given some planning time and we made some plans for the week. And at about 3 in the afternoon we drove to the hotel, I picked up my things and Ethel took me to Ashe County.  I'm gonna spend the next seven days here on top of a hill, very close to a town called West Jefferson. Actually I will have to check out on Friday as I'm going to spend the weekend at my host family's house. We also went to my internship school - Ashe County High.

 A photo of Ethel's classroom. I found out that they have a very interesting system of substituting classes. The system is totally different from ours. In Estonia I usually have my colleagues substituting my classes but here they have special substitute teachers who don't work in a specific school. They are subsititute teachers and if you need to go somewhere and can't teach your classes, you just let them know and they'll be there.

OK, and finally here's a picture of my room. I think the hotel is even fancier than Holiday Inn in Boone, but I'm not that happy here, 'cause I miss my friends. Talked to Tea, she's in a motel in Alleghany. Talked to Pablo too, he's in Boone with four other fellows who didn't have to move. And he said that the lobby was completely empty :( I hope we'll have lots of fun culture evenings there next week when we all get back to Boone.

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