Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Buenos Dias a todos

Good morning!
Here are the photos I promised to upload. We're at the university at the moment. It's 9.24 am and the first session begins in 6 minutes. It's going to be about teacher leadership again. Then we're going to have lunch and at 2 pm there's a workshop on language pedagogy. At 3.45 pm there's ICT workshop and we're finishing at 5 pm today. As you can see, the scehdule is pretty busy. However, tomorrow is a free day and we're going to take the bus to Charlotte and spend a day there. On Friday we'll be in New York City :)
 At the Watauga County Board of Education meeting
 Yesterday morning... it's still cloudy and rainy today

Maram and Wafa from Jordan... teaching us Arabic

My name in Arabic (they write from right to left)

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