Saturday, October 22, 2011


It's Saturday night and we just got back from the stadium. We're having dinner downstairs and I thought I should write about yesterday and today. I can stay up late tonight 'cause tomorrow is a free day :) I'm planning to go shopping, we discovered some really good shops on King Street.
Yesterday we had the weekly debriefing session and since Jesse is in Brazil, Sarah led it. She's really-really nice. She went contra dancing with us and today she spent the whole day with us on the campus.

We got back from university pretty early and I had a power nap. I hadn't realized I was so tired. I slept for an hour and didn't hear anything at all. I guess I needed it.

In the evening we had a song night that later turned out to be a dance night too. Everyone could play one song from their country. It was fun again and we stayed up till early morning.
 Jahan (Turkmenistan) and Hugo (Argentina) dancing to Turkmen music
Nazik (Turkmenistan) and Rinna (Cambodia) dancing to Cambodian music.

This morning I got up at 8. It's the Homecoming weekend here. Homecoming means that this weekend the alumni of the Appalachian University come back to the place where they used to study and take part in all the activities organized for them. In the morning there was the Homecoming Welcome Parade. The university band marched first and then there were dozens of floats decorated by different groups studying at the university.
The band

 One of the floats. By the way, this year the slogan for the weekend was Rock the world :)
 Some of the TEA fellows after the parade. You can see Tea, Jaime, me, Rinna, Maram, Zbignev, Nazik, Tatiana, Jazgul and Asiyat.
 After the parade we went to an event called tailgating. It means that different university organisations and institutes had their tents set up and they offered food and souvenirs and lots of free stuff there. Sarah took us to their tent and we had chili. There was a pretty good rock band playing. Oh, and the weather was just perfect - sunny and quite warm again. We got free T-shirts from the Health Sciences Institute tent and got ready for the football game.

The game started at 3.30 pm. The whole campus was full of people and cars. But we got into the stadium very quickly. This was a totally new experience. Appalachian team played against Samford and the game lasted for about three hours. It took us a long time to figure out what the sport is about.

There was also a scary moment when some guys started fighting over seats or something. That was surprising but luckily they calmed down pretty quickly.
 The mascot for ASU - Yosef.
While watching the game we had pizza and funnel cake. Here is a photo of the latter. It's very American and tastes pretty good. I wasn't able to finish the whole plate though because the cake is really sweet and has lots of calories in it.
ASU won :) They are dressed in yellow and black.
After the game we listened to the band playing the victory song and then we had to walk to the hotel because the buses were full.

They're showing horror movies on TV because Halloween is approaching. From Dusk Till Dawn 2 just started. I'm pretty tired 'cause I spent the whole day outdoors. Anyway, it's good to know that I can sleep for as long as I want tomorrow. Good night :)

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