Monday, October 17, 2011

New York vol. 3

OK, now I'm in my ICT class and we're supposed to upload some audio files and create some pages about our countries. BUT, I'm good at multi-tasking, so I'm going to share the last pictures of NYC.

 The view from the observation platform of the Empire State Building.
 On Saturday we did some shopping and I bought a couple of really nice things on the 5th Avenue ;) It was interesting to see all these fancy and awfully expensive designer stores there and the African American guys selling fake designer sunglasses and handbags on the street right in front of the stores.

Rockefeller Center at night

We took the night bus to Charlotte. It departed from Chinatown and was 30 minutes late. I got really worried and thought we would stay there forever. Again, it took 12 hours to get to Charlotte. To our surprise, all the places were closed. Except for Starbucks... So we had breakfast there. The weather was just wonderful - sunny and hot (about 25 degrees). We walked around for a while and went to the Discovery Place. It's a large hands-on science center.

Me on the bed of nails

We also explored the concepts of mechanical advantage, energy transfer and air pressure. It was really fun, I wish we had a center like that in Estonia too. Downstairs they had a rainforest area with parrots and geckos. They also had lots of exotic fish and lizards.
Aww... what a cute creature :P It really loved posing for me.

Yesterday we got back to Boone at 9 pm and shared pictures with each other. And now we're back in our regular routine for a week. On October 26th we'll start our internships at local schools. This means I'm going to spend a week in Ashe. Alone in a hotel... without any other TEA fellows :(

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