Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or treat!

Two posts a day... I must have nothing else to do. Actually I wanted to share my trick or treating experience with you. I went with Lauren, a student from the 11th grade. She picked me up at the hoel and we went to West Jefferson.

Lauren in her beautiful dress and her pretty car

The streets were full of children dressed in costumes. All of them were escorted by their parents. We went to a couple of shops and then to an event called trunk or treat. This means that there were lots of cars parked  in a big parking lot next to a church in the town. The cars had their trunks decorated and full of candy and people in costumes distributed candy.

We met one of the English teachers - Rebecca. She was with her children. Isn't that cute?
A scary couple giving treats to children. Look at the shoes the guy is wearing :P

It was interesting to see how children were enjoying the whole event. I wish the weather had been better though. It was pretty cold and cloudy and it even sprinkled a bit. Some of the kids must have been half frozen in their costumes.

Here are two examples of the costumes I saw at school today. They had a costume competition but there weren't as many people in costumes as they had expected.

Here's one of Ethel's teacher cadets dressed as Mrs Doubtfire :)
And here's Jenny dressed as a nun. She teaches Social Studies.

In Estonia it's already November. Here we have a couple of hours of October still left. Take care :)

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