Monday, October 24, 2011

Earth + Air = Star dust

It's Monday and I'm in the last ICT session. It's quiet here today and John just told us that we look sad. And we are sad, cause this is the last session we have here.

Yesterday was a free day and I slept till 10 am. I talked to my family on Skype and I went to the lobby to have a cup of coffee. It was so nice there. It was sunny outside and there weren't any people sitting by the fireplace. I did the laundry and ordered a Nook from Barnes and Noble. I really hope it'll arrive tomorrow before I go to Ashe County. In the evening we went to Golden Corral and had dinner there. And again, we stayed up late as they were showing horror movies on TV. It was pretty scary and I didn't dare to watch some of the scariest scenes.

 A photo I took this morning when we were waiting for the bus to come to the university. Beautiful!
I also wanted to mention the fact that we have to risk our lives to get to the bus stop every morning. I already wrote that there are no crosswalks and if you want to get to the other side of the road you have to walk about 600 meters and get to the other side by going under a bridge although the bus stop is just across the road from the hotel. In the photo you can see Margaret and Aida crossing the road.
Me and Tea this morning in our culture workshop with Sarah Miller. It was really interesting and made me think about teaching culture. Teachers should definitely think about whose point of view it is they present in their culture classes. And I also understood why they don't celebrate Columbus Day here in North-Carolina.
 Signs you can see at every entrance on campus.
Me in front of the library with some of the many sculptures they have here on campus.

It's 4.15 pm now and the ICT class just ended. We're going to the Boone Mini Mall and to the bookstore. I'll have to pack all my things tonight. To be honest, I'm a bit worried. I've bought a lot of things and I'm not sure I'll manage to fit all the things in the suitcases.

OK, I guess the next entry will be written in Ashe County at a hotel I'm gonna stay at for 8 days... all alone :(

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