Sunday, October 16, 2011

New York... New York

Hi! How are you doing? I got back from NYC and will share a couple of photos with you. It was just amazing to admire all the places I had so far seen only on TV or in books. It's 12.12 am and I'm really-really tired but I'll write a short blog entry so that you can envy me a bit :) There seems to be a problem with uploading things so I will probably have to continue tomorrow. Anyway, the trip was just wonderful. We left on Thursday morning and took the bus to Charlotte. We spent the whole day there.

The skyscrapers in the center of Charlotte
We had lunch in an Irish pub in Charlotte. The Halloween decorations were pretty creepy there as you can see.
Me and Tea a couple of moments before she took the bus to Charlotte Airport and flew to Chicago.

We took the night bus to New York. At first we were really happy that we managed to get tickets that cost only 80 dollars (roundtrip) but when it turned out that the bus station was located in an unsafe area of Charlotte I got scared to death. This wasn't really a station even. There was just a parked bus and some sort of a cabin in the dark parking lot of a cheap hotel. There were no people when we got there, just a bunch of foldable chairs, a dirty restroom, a TV and a phone for calling the taxi companies. Soon, however, people started to arrive and it turned out that they were all African American. That really looked like a scene from an American movie.

Me, scared to death at the bus station.

But we got to New York City :) It took 12 hours and it wasn't easy to get some sleep on the bus as the space between the seats was awfully narrow, but we arrived in NY on Friday at about 9 am. The bus took us to Chinatown and we had to take a cab to find our hotel and Times Square.

Me on Times Square

On the first day we went on a bus tour around the downtown area. We also did some shopping and had dinner at a restaurant called Ruby Tuesday. That was nice :)
In the elevator of our hotel (Gotham Hotel). You can see that there is a whole floor missing.
Which one? People are really superstitious, aren't they?
In the evening we took the night tour and that was just amazing. It got dark at 7 pm already and it was cloudy and it rained a bit but the view was just breathtaking.
Times Square at night.

OK, it's 1.17 am and I have to go to sleep. We have classes tomorrow (actually today) :(
 I'll add more photos in the afternoon.

To be continued... (the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, WTC area, shopping in NYC, some more Chinatown, etc.)

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