Thursday, October 6, 2011


It's 9.46 pm and I'm already in bed. That's not usual at all but I'm just soooo tired. The past few days have been so busy that my brain refuses to absorb new information now. I guess it just needs to have some rest. As we need to be at the university at 8.30 am tomorrow, I thought it might be a good idea to get to bed a little earlier.

Soythip is doing her homework, she looks really tired too. We had two long seminars today and in the evening there was a site visit to Watauga High School. What a nice school! Newly renovated and huge. We ate potluck dinner there and listened to a presentation about the Friends of Watauga High.

OK, a couple of pictures and that's it. I'm just too tired.

Campus life - people sunbathing, juggling, playing ball and ropewalking.

An injured stick insect limping on the campus.

As you can see, there are squirrels in Boone too. And pretty cute ones...

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