Monday, October 17, 2011

For my boys :)

 I promised to upload some photos of cars here. Actually we have problems with Internet connection here at the hotel today. So I’m writing the entry in Word and hope I can upload it tomorrow morning.
A street in Boone. Look at the hanging traffic lights. So American, aren’t they?
One of the yellow school buses you can see in every city.
 From what I’ve noticed, they like really big cars.
And fancy cars
And the red one in the middle seems to be one of the most popular cars among the people who like fancy cars. You can see at least one here every day.
A Pepsi truck I saw on the campus the other day. Now I realize that I haven’t got any photos of the big angry-looking trucks you can see here a lot. I’ll try to get a picture of them too.
A picture of a fire truck.
Here are some of the hundreds (maybe even thousands) of yellow cabs you can see in NY.
OK, and now to police cars.

A macho police car I saw in Charlotte
NYPD – New York Police Department… As you can see, they also have police horses.
And funny-looking small vehicles

And buses on Times Square

And boats on Hudson River.

  And a row of speeding police cars on the 5th Avenue

It's almost 11 pm and we got our wireless connection back. I'm glad I managed to keep my promise and write about different vehicles here. Going to sleep now. I've written so much today that you won't probably hear from me for a while.

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