Friday, October 7, 2011

Still leaning on the doorbell

In the morning at the bus stop

I can't believe it's Friday again! I just had a bath and thought that I shouldn't go to sleep before I have added another blog entry.

Today started really early. I got up at 6.38 because we had a seminar at the library at 8.30. They have some great materials there. I guess it would take at least a day to get all the interesting things scanned. I truly hope I'll manage to find that day :)

In the morning we had a session on teacher leadership and it was pretty interesting. We had a chance to try out different activities that could be successfully used in  language classes too. We did some challenging groupwork and our group won :)
Our group - Pablo (Guatemala), Jahan (Turkmenistan), Aida (Argentina), Margaret (Poland) and me.

Then we had lunch at the central dining hall and an ICT session. As the session was about to end, fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate. So we stood a couple of minutes outside - all the fellows and all our tutors.

Finally we had a debriefing session with Jesse. Although many of us were really tired, most of the feedback given was fairly positive.

After classes there was an event called Art Crawl. We visited art galleries together and enjoyed the evening.
Some of the pieces of art that made a great impression on me. I guess I'll have to go back next week and buy the ones that will keep haunting me.

One of the galleries we visited. This one looked like a typical American house they usually have in the movies.

OK, need to get some sleep now. Have to get up early again as there's going to be a long session on international projects tomorrow. Wow, it's midnight here already and 7.07 am in Estonia. Take care and have a nice weekend :)

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  1. The house is exactly like the one in Forrest Gump movie :)