Monday, October 3, 2011

At Ethel's

It's 11 at night and I'm here at Ethel's. She and her husband are really really nice. After classes Ethel picked me up at the hotel. We went to McKiever's (her husband) office in Boone and drove here to their place. This area here is just amazing. Ethel showed me all the houses her husband has built and sold to people - big and small loghouses. Just wonderful!

That's Ethel. I hope she doesn't mind I uploaded her photo. Have to ask her tomorrow.

 Me on a bridge near their house.
We had chili with sour cream and cheese and talked about Estonia and the US. It was great! Their children have gone to college and live far away now but they have a pretty active dog called Scout :D

Here's the room I'm staying for the night. It's Maggie's room and I like it a lot. She has a tank with crickets and a gecko. Ethel took away the crickets but I think that one of them has escaped the tank as I keep hearing its chirping.
A sign on the bedroom door :D
OK, go to sleep now. Bye!

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