Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I'm at school and the 9th graders are watching a movie - The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. I think I haven't seen this movie version of Washington Irving's short story.

Today I observed a French class taught by Sandra Lemly  and it really made me think about how hard it actually must be for American students to learn a foreign language. They haven't got many chances to practice it. Everything here is in English and even if they travel to Europe, most people can speak English there.

Anyway, I have been collecting photos of fall and Halloween decorations and since they celebrate Halloween here today I thought I should post some of the pictures I have taken.

 You can see pumpkins here a lot. This photo was taken at Food Lion (it's a grocery store)
 Halloween display at a small bookstore in Boone Mall
 A decorated door at Westwood Elementary
 Another photo taken at Westwood Elementary. By the way, here in North Carolina people often ask How ya'll doin? :)
 A shelf of scary books in Boone Mall
 Halloween decoration is saw at Westwood Elementary
 A witch you can meet at Boone Mall
 The pumpkin cake I won at Fall Festival :)

OK, now it gets scary. If you want to get some sleep tonight, don't look at the photos below.
 A creature we saw in an Irish pub in Charlotte. They had lots of scary decorations there.
 Another creature creeping on the ceiling
 Are you sure you can sleep tonight?
 A photo I took in Boone Mini Mall
 I think there's somebody hissing behind your door... Can you hear it?
Happy Halloween :)
I wanted to write about a creepy sound we heard on Saturday when we got back from Black Jack's. It was completely dark, we got out of the car and suddenly we could hear something similar to a wolf howl in the dark woods. Gerry told me yesterday that this was probably a coyote but it was still pretty scary.

I'm going trick-or-treating tonight :)

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